The Grant Report Form (GRF) is designed to be completed in one session. You will be unable to save your GRF while you are working on it. Therefore, we recommend that you follow these instructions:
  1. Click here to view or print a list of the questions that appear on the GRF.
  2. Compose your answers to these questions in a word document. DO NOT use any formatting such as bold or italic fonts, indenting, or bullet points. Such formatting will NOT appear in your submitted form and will cause your text to become illegible. If you wish to use lists, please number your items or use ALL CAPS to delineate special words or sections.
  3. Where dollar amounts are required DO NOT use dollar signs, commas, or decimal points or an error message will occur and will require you to start the report over.
  4. Edit your answers appropriately, use spell check, and check your character counts to ensure compliance with character limits. In fairness to those who respect the character count limits, reports that exceed the limits will be returned.
  5. Answer all questions, rather than leaving fields blank. If a question is not relevant to your project, use "Not Applicable" to complete the field.
  6. Save your word document.
  7. Launch the GRF by following the link below, copy and paste from your word document, and submit the form.
Please note: You cannot use your back or forward arrow once you begin the online report. You will get an "Error Message" and your information will be lost. Therefore, carefully check each section before moving on to the next.

View a sample completed report

Launch the Grant Report Form